The encrypted calendar has arrived! 😍 We are already working on releasing the updated apps as well, so stay tuned!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ͺ

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@Tutanota Mine Android app got updated. I just put some events in my calendar. Thank you!

@Tutanota I just saw one thing missing: I tried to add recurring event happening every month on the first Monday - no success. Hope to see it added soon ;-)

@Tutanota looking forward to the desktop app update! Good work!

Will it be possible to
1. Create multiple calendars
2. Bulk upload the events imported from Google Calendar or other calendar services?

@Tutanota looking very nice!
didn't really follow the development bc I am generally quite happy with my caldav setup, but i just might have to switch!

Is something like a todo list/tasks planned down the road?

@Tutanota I did, couldn't find tasks, though. Unless it's included in extended calendar features?πŸ€”

@Sputnikolas We plan to do tasks later on, but it's not included on the Roadmap, yet. Thanks for clarifying.

@Tutanota alright, thanks. looking forward to the development of tutatnota's features! keep up the good work!

Nice work! Calendar and contacts were what caused me to rule you guys out the last time I looked at moving providers.

I'm off to take another look at your stuff tonight. 😁

@Tutanota Congrats and thanks for the release! Looking forward to having it on the go.

@Tutanota Is it possible to delate reapeting task, but only one not a whole task?
What about invitations to tasks or events beeing sent to us ? Can not find how to add it direct to calendar with sending back confirmation to a sender.

@one_stripe Not yet, but this is planned. Invitations are planned as well.

@Tutanota Hi, I really like your calendar.
Is it planned to be able to create events including other attendees?

Also, how can someone send a calendar invitation to my mail?


@mihira Yes, that's the very next feature we want to add to the calendar, stay tuned! :)

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