Lots of 5 star ratings coming in since the release of our encrypted calendar. Thank you all so much for your support!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

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@Tutanota Much excite πŸ˜… Is the calendar available on f-droid ? Or only playstore & Apple store? πŸ€”

Can you write some comparison on your calendar VS @nextcloud calendar through ?

@Azt3c This wouldn't be a fair comparison as our calendar is still in beta and very basic, but we're working on changing this. ;)

Well, the reason of such comparison request is to understand, should I migrate everything to Tutanota calendar, or I'm still could be happy user of Nextcloud calendarπŸ™‚

The calendar looks nice - and thanks for implementing it.
Is it possible to implement a week view. I usually find it most usable.

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