We're improving the Tutanota Settings - what would you need most?

@Tutanota more red in the dark theme I would also appreciate 😎

Yeah, grey with red suits more than grey with blue...

@Azt3c @RyuKurisu Thanks for your feedback, we're considering a black theme (not right now, though) - maybe this will work nicely with red. We'll see! ;)

@johnnynull @Azt3c @Tutanota with the mobile app it's already available (see attached screenshot), however I don't like the green accent colour. I'd prefer red because of the Tutanota branding, but for legibility I'd say a brighter red than the default.

I appreciate the snapshot, but that fails to help me actually switching to the dark theme.
@Tutanota @Azt3c

@johnnynull @RyuKurisu @Azt3c Curently you can switch themes only on the login screen - that's why we want to add it to the Settings. ;)

@Tutanota and view's size, larger, smaller and the possibility to fix it.

@geeess Thanks for your feedback, will consider it for a later update.

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