Before switching to Tutanota, lots of people want to know what is better in Tutanota compared to other email services. So we've tried to put together a comparison with some competitors. However, as we are not unbiased, we'd like to hear your thoughts on this as well. Thank you for your time and support! 😃

Can you fix the layout of this page? Mobile view is disturbed

@Tutanota I have been using Tutanota for more than a couple of years. It feels amazing. Clean. Ad free. Great color theme.

Also I use Proton Mail. Both are excellent.

Feel so grateful too you both. Superb creative passion from your part. What a delight.

If by eco-friendly you mean running on renewable energy, I'm quite sure that should include Google as well. Source:

@Tutanota I would add "ability to export emails", "folder support", and "label support" to the comparison. And since you are working on offline availability, you should add it as well, marked as planned (I'm looking forward to that feature!)

@ordinarylava It's planned. Gmail has it already, would you know about the others?

@Tutanota Hi, Outlook and Yahoo have it (if someone can confirm it). Posteo and Proton have it too, I just checked.

I have 2 Tutanota accounts, one of them is for my association and not being able to easily send to groups if a real PITA. I hope you'll add this soon.

Tutanota is great and getting better each day. Thanks for all the work you put in it :)

@Tutanota from my point of view,

mobile app works fine 4 me!

check out in mobile browser= asap

thx devs

@Tutanota what is keeping me away from tutanota is the lack of IMAP support. I want to use Thunderbird and K-9 Mail.

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