Thanks for all your votes! Once we started, we decided to add all suggested settings options: switch theme, switch language, plus switch time format. Hope you'll like the update. 😉 As most changes are for the encrypted calendar, you'll find details here:

@Tutanota Would love the ability to have a default theme for an account so it's automatically switched when logged in. Is this possible?

Thanks for taking user input into account when developing new features or enhancing existing ones. @Tutanota rocks!

@johnbeers We're always happy to hear user feedback - sometimes it makes decisions much easier. 😉

@Tutanota I've updated my apps but can't see the week calendar view at all. Is this coming in a later update? Also, hope there's a calendar import feature coming soon so we can transfer existing calendars from Gmail. Also, allowing subscription to other calendars (3rd parties and public calendars). Thanks for all your work on this.

@Tutanota And even the day's view is gone.😳Android and Tuta-App v. 3.57.3

@geeess Devs pushed out bug fix releases today - is this still an issue? If yes, please send details to an we'll look at it asap!

@Tutanota Ok, thanks very much. The update is not being indicated yet. But I'll check it!

@Tutanota Woooaaahhh, and once again waiting for the lazy bones at Apple to roll out the iOS-update!😩😬

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