The best feedback about our encrypted calendar came from @Chiefzero via Mastodon! 😍 Check out how everyone can leave Google & Facebook behind:

Love the article but Tresorit pricing is insane. How does P-Cloud compare with their crypto offering?

@Tutanota 3 Questions/Suggestions: 1) any plans to make the calendar integratable with the default iOS app? (if not, I get it, that's probably a privacy tradeoff). 2) Any plans to give the calendar it's own app? I don't plan to use Tutanota for mail but I do plan to use the calendar. 3) Any plans to allow the Tutanota calendar to add subscribed calendars like Google allows for?

@thsprsntdrknss 1. No, that's not possible, 2. not planned right now, but maybe later, 3. we'll add import first, then we'll see what else is needed based on user feedback like yours. ;)

@Tutanota had a feeling. Well I got a one year premium last night just for the calendar so I’ll be taking it for a spin and seeing how well it works with my life. I definitely want to break up my services across multiple services for better security, hence why I want the calendar but not the email. Looking forward to seeing the calendar get even better!

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