We're improving Tutanota rapidly:
* Encrypted calendar (beta) ✅
* DKIM for custom domains ✅
* U2F support for Firefox ✅

Now, we're working hard on getting the calendar ready to leave beta, add fingerprint unlock to the apps, add FIDO U2F support to the apps, enable conversation view and more. Check here for details:

With all these new improvements, I think it's time to reorganize the UI a little bit. As it is right now, the calendar is hidden in the same menu as settings and other unrelated things. Instead I think it should be accessible by one click and therefore easy to find. It would also show that Tutanota is no longer just an email service, but much more. I've attached a picture of what it could look like on mobile.

@MangoMonster You're right about mobile UI, we'll look into it!

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