Security is under threat worldwide. We will keep fighting against encryption backdoors!


Apparently thee's no way to register on your webmail from Tor, and we only learn about that AT THE END of the registration process?
I appreciate your efforts, but isn't that undermining privacy and security too?

@LienRag @Tutanota I personally managed to fully register and use an account with Tor, how were you not able to register?

@espectalll @Tutanota

Oh, thanks for sharing.
I got a message "your IP has already been used for creating a mail account" (or something similar) and didn't try a different Tor circuit as I guessed it would be the same and the registration process is quite long (it took more that half an hour for key generation)..

@LienRag @Tutanota Yeah, it is long! I don't know about the IP thing tho (although it wouldn't surprise me it's some antispam measure gone wrong), you'll have to wait for an official answer

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