Oops. Thousands of Google Calendars are leaking private information quietly on the Internet, allowing anyone to not only access sensitive details but also add new events with maliciously crafted info & links:

Better switch to an encrypted calendar: 😉

is that calendar open source, too? how does it interact with thunderbird and evolution? are you planning a contacts database?

@zem We develop the entire client on GitHub - calendar included. As with email, it can't be connected to Thunderbird or Evolution. That's why we're building our own desktop clients & adding offline availability soon.

@Tutanota And the server? It is not open Source if I cant run my own server. Also how do you achieve secure interaction with other mail services? If I want to have my private key on a smartcard like I currently do, how can I do that?

@zem Right now the server is very complex. We plan to build a small, open source server for self-hosting, but that's a bit further down the line.

@Tutanota I hope you can solve that complexity issue. It does not have to be easy in my opinion, e-mail just isn't easy. 😉

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