Did you know? You can have several email addresses directed to your Tutanota mailbox. 😃 Here are details:

@Tutanota hey could you guys describe the images you upload for those of us who cant see them? Thanks

@n0btc @Tutanota It's a little tree chart with title "Your Tutanota Account". On the left is a node "User" with arrows pointing to nodes "Email", "Calendar", and "Address book". The "Email" node then points to another node "Email aliases".

@Tutanota One information I couldn’t figure out in your post was, whether I can use aliases like AND SEND mail from there while not revealing that my main user/e-mail-adresse is

Are aliases just a good solution for receiving e-mails or also for sending them?

@schokopflaster You can use them for both, only the address you choose upon sending is shown to the recipient.

@Tutanota hey, for pro account - the subscription is only yearly basis or do I get choose from 2 yrs, 3 yrs or 5 yrs??

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