@Tutanota where can I find the source code? How to add it to my own site (which is not on tutanota)?

@Tutanota Snowden knew the proper channels to take, there's a clear legal path for Whistleblowers defined in the agreements he swore to in obtaining his clearance. He purposely violated the law for 15 minutes of Fame. He is a criminal by his own actions, and he deserves what punishment might fall. I know these things because I held a clearance at the same time. A crime is a crime, regardless of the shade it is painted.

@brettc @Tutanota I am so thankful to him for doing what was right at great personal risk. No harm to individuals happened because of his leaks. He could have given documents about spies over seas and had them killed. He did not. He helped the people of the United States to stand up for their rights and not to fall under the rule of an authoritarian government.

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