Keeping your mailbox safe is what we do at Tutanota. 😎 But to achieve maximum security, you also need a very good password. Here's how you can choose a secure password:

Any further tips we should add?

@Tutanota I'd switch it up. You recommend pen & paper over a password manager. I'd do it the other way around, because password managers also have password generators included (usually), which can create (pseudo-)random passwords. Secondly I'd recommend a different password manager called Bitwarden.

It is hosted, has a premium version with additional features, but you have the option to host it yourself. Very similar to Tutanota in that regard. Just a few suggestions.

@RyuKurisu @Tutanota Bitwarden_rs for selfhosting is the must. Works like a charm with very low CPU/RAM 👌

@loic_moriame @Tutanota I wanted to suggest that as well, but I wanted to keep it to 1 toot 😏

I've heard that it is feature complete and that you'll even have the premium features that way. Do you know anything about that? 🙂

@Tutanota Since far from all services use a good hash algorithm and salt, password length is important. 8 is too short. 20 is often recommended. And think pass phrases. What hash algoritm do you use?

@jonas Thanks, will update this. We use Bcrypt and SHA.

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