Facebook is the most popular social network for governments spreading fake news:
Here are our recommendations to leave Facebook & Google behind: 😎✊
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@Tutanota @fdroidorg @openstreetmap @Mastodon Could we add more really decentralised, privacy and Free Software replacements?
Some of the alternatives are great whilst others mentioned are just alternative echo chambers which are heavily centralised no different than the former.

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Let us know which ones you'd like to see added and we'll update the post!

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Google Drive alternatives that offer exactly the same features is a tricky one but I think the best Free Software, privacy respecting and decentralised replacement would be β€œNext Cloud”.

We should avoid anything that:
a) depends on proprietary software
b) is dependant on a centralised party etc.

For file sharing anonymously there is Onionshare. an app that creates a temporary tor onion site to share files quite easily. It also allows you to create a temporary .onion site to receive files rather than simply sharing them.

I personally would NOT recommend Vimeo, as it is just as centralised as Youtube is.

In terms of decentralisation, anti-censorship, anti-surveillance etc.
Even if it isn’t perfect yet, the technology can easily become a complete replacement for Youtube.
Just like Mastodon and Email, Peer tube will allow the same decentralisation for video related social media.

Duckduckgo, Searx, Qwant and Startpage are good alternatives for NOW but are all based inside the 14 eyes. We should make a more concerted effort to avoid the 14 eyes or other enemies of the internet in the future when developing new alternatives.

Ideally, it would be great if we could have a/an β€œFree Software + anonymous + decentralised + P2P” search engine in the future that could be customised on the client side to get the information we want WITHOUT ANY interference/obstruction.

The Mastodon apps, are a tricky one.
We should look to a mastodon app that puts the individual in charge of what they use it for inline with Freedom 0 of the Free Software Definition.
Currently, the original mastodon social instance has been hijacked by people who may even mean well but have set it upon themselves to ban instances that share material they disagree with.
This is a threat, because it breaks the decentralisation of the Mastodon/Social technology so instead of using the mastodon apps you have suggested we should look to alternatives that give the user 100% control.

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