@TheGnuMaster I doubt it's their image, because I saw it like 5+ years ago on diaspora, I even saved it myself back then but couldn't find the source.

@Tutanota In most cases these days, I think the response is: "Let's do half-and-half."

@emacsomancer @Tutanota There’s also that ribbon often printed with “Just say no! (tm)”

@Tutanota please describe your images when you upload them. That way all may benefit from them. Including myself.

@n0btc @Tutanota
Uncle Sam buying a box labeled "control of Internet speech". Another man with "corporate media" tag asking "how would you like this gift wrapped" two rolls of wrapping paper on the wall labeled "antiterrorism" and "protect kids"


This is the real point IMHO. Backdoors can be opened by the bad guys.

Back in 2009, for instance, #China breached a #Google database through a backdoor meant to only provide access for the U.S. government. This sensitive database contained years’ worth of information about U.S. surveillance targets.

Criminal activity is just used as an excuse for politicians to have control over communication.

Encrypted communication undermines the political power.
So keep up the good work @Tutanota

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."
-William Pitt the Younger

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