Google in 2010: We know what you're thinking about.

Google in 2019: We're all about privacy now.

Feels good to be a trendsetter. 😄

@Tutanota Do they know that I’m thinking they can f—k off? 🖕🏻Absolutely not, because I use decentralized services and my email is encrypted thanks to @Tutanota word! ✌️

Does tutanota app work on Libre 5 phone (PureOS)?

@lakeview We plan to make the app available for Purism, yes.

Cool! Like "eventually" or more like "we are working on it"?

@lakeview Not working on it, yet, but once we do, it should be done quickly. Also it would help if we had a @purism device for testing.

Look what they replied when i questioned them about it

We do supply several developer tools for those that wish to develop
applications for the Librem 5, even without having a phone, they can be
seen here:

I'm sure you know but cool for me to know there is a way forward.

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