Last week, users asked us that hitting enter should accept an entered 2FA code. Shortly after, this improvement was done. We try to listen to you as much as possible, thanks for the constant stream of feedback! 😍

@Tutanota I don't know who you are or what you do, but I love me some quality-of-life fixes.

@Tutanota Now if plain text replies where in a text only editor that'd be cool too… :blobderpy:

@tennoseremel Thanks for the suggestion. It's best to post ideas here as this helps us to see whether many other users want this feature, too:

@Tutanota I see. I don't use reddit, though. It's kinda not very popular here. At least that's my impression :blobcatgoogly:

@Tutanota This is awesome. It was a minor annoyance. I am glad someone said something and even gladder you listened!

@Tutanota Cool, bros! 😎 At this rate, you'll be the reigning champion of encrypted email service providers and even email service providers in general. Keep it up! 😁 👏 👍

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