We could think of dozens of reasons why to use Tutanota. Admittedly, our point of view is very biased. 😉 So what's yours?

@Tutanota the continued commitment to privacy and open source.

@Tutanota and maybe as a way to improve, can be useful to ask: Why you don't use Tutanota?


Your stance on privacy, Tutanota being open source and the affordable price are why I use Tutanota.

@Tutanota One of the reasons : Really easy usage with own domain.

@Tutanota Commitment to privacy and open source, good pricing and easy to set up own domain.

@Tutanota At the moment: security. Very sadly not functionality. I hope both very soon!

@Tutanota - The encryption is nice but my main reason is actually transparency. You have a wonderful relationship with your users, including myself. You share the joy of your creation and creativity, even on non-commercial social media like this one. ...and you insist on keeping the source open too.

@Tutanota The fact your applications are open source, and pretty easy to use. Also more secure than other providers out there, such as Gmail all while mantaining privacy without asking us too much personal information.

Another reasons is cheap prices. Which when I get my job I will hopefully be able to afford premium.

But as another said, perhaps you should be asking why people don't use your service. I think it'd be more benefiticial for your team to know what to do next.

I can offer an easy way for my clients to use encrypted email

@Tutanota Unlike other secure email providers with similar offerings, #Tutanota was using renewable energy and also provided a handy desktop client. The fact that you supported FOSS also helped. Keep it up! #QuestionTime

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