As the crypto-wars continue, we have to keep fighting against encryption backdoors. That's why Tutanota's entire client code is open source:

And still you traited your so calls principles...

Implementing backdoors for German intelligence agencies

@cpt @geeess There are no backdoors in Tutanota. To prove that the entire client code is open source:

Yeah, that's like being at the doctor's being told " Here are your lab results. Go, find out yourself"

Maybe some of the teachers were lying to the medicine student at the university. So, the doctor can't really diagnose your disorder.
There is no exit in a world of suspect, you are just playing with mirrors.

@cpt @Tutanota Being open source allows independant security researchers to identify backdoors and flaws quite quickly. Any backdoor would have already made the news. Tutanota also has a Warrant Canary ( and publishes a Transparency Report ( Tutanota was also subject to an extensive penetration test in 2013 ( If there were any backdoors, they would have been uncovered during the test. Keep it up, #Tutanota! 👍 😁

I don't give a damn about the code. Tutanota is willing to give German givernments insights into user mails and data. This is a backdoor, even if not implemented ibto the code. And still no comment from Tutanota. I'm done.

@cpt Tutanota did reply to your doubts: Please check your sources before assuming anything. Could please explain as to why you think Tutanota has backdoors?

@Tutanota Ooops, and suddenly all these countries work together? How about climate change???

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