Sharing encrypted data is quite complex. We have now achieved a milestone by enabling you to share your zero-knowledge calendar with others! 😃🎉

@Tutanota - Actually not so fast. Cal sharing is another $12 per user? WTF? I can see an upgrade for drive sharing but calendar? That is pretty steep.

@GLove Thanks for your feedback. Developing the encrypted calendar takes a lot of development time that so far has been given to everyone for free. It's like a separate app - when it comes to development effort. As such, there must be a way to monetize the calendar. We'd have loved to include it in Premium, but for this the Premium price is too low. If you consider it like this: €2 for Premium plus sharing isn't too much.

@Tutanota - You need to create a family plan it adds up quick when you have 5 users, plus pay to share a group MBX. Microcharges are a turn off for every little item.

It's only 1 euro per month, is t it? That really isn't much at all, I feel.

@lakeview @Tutanota it adds up, starting to feel like a shell game. every add on is more $$. Soon the value proposition is lost imo. Especially when dealing with 5 or more accounts. Share Cal $$ alias $$ share folder/mb need white label more $$. It's more than $1

@GLove @Tutanota What’s wring with paying more for a service that’s well worth it.?

Heck, I’d even pay ProtonMail prices for Tutanota if it were an option.

@erin @Tutanota - Protonmail was upfront, we charge this and iiwii. I feel a slight of hand going on here. If you're so free with your money buy me a year! ;-)

@Tutanota nice! This may make Tutanota a great family Christmas gift this year. And I'm SUPER pumped for the upcoming integration!

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