Release Notes 3.66.2: New look, improved spam rules, fixed mail counter. Enjoy your weekend! 🎉😍

@Tutanota 😮 pressed F5 et voilà, new look indeed. You moved some controls around :D

thank you

@Tutanota looks very good the new look. 👌
Question: will there be a conversation view in the future?

@Tutanota Would be nice to have a way to deselect email and/or a no split view, don't really like the split and having an email selected all the time. Great work though keep it up!

@charlag @Tutanota OMG, it works, thanks so much for this tip.

@Tutanota It looks great indeed. But there´s still no possibility of switching and saving the view from 100% to e.g. 80%...!😕

@Tutanota Ah, okay, now I can at least switch the view via touchpad and it´s being saved for the session. BUT after a laptop´s restart I have to start again.

@Tutanota Danke! Zuerst ein klein wenig Verwirrung, aber dann... Gefällt mir. 😀

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