The Bolsonaro government has filed a criminal complaint against journalist Greenwald after he revealed unpleasant stories about this same government, which is a clear attack against press freedom. To support press freedom, we at Tutanota are donating our secure email service as well as Secure Connect to journalists around the world! ✊

@Tutanota Where is the link for journalists to use to sign up for donated secure email service?

@Tutanota Can this be made more visible to journalists who wouldn't otherwise discover this? Most wouldn't know that the branding assets page == donated accounts for journalists. Perhaps something like 1Password's landing page?

@Tutanota Fantastic, makes me feel even better about being with you guys.

@Tutanota as a Brazilian, this doesn't surprise me at all, but it's still yucky as hell. It's awesome you guys are taking steps to protect journalists.

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