1. Google tracks you, we don't.

2. Google knows you inside out, we don’t.

3. Google shares your data, we don’t.

4. Google is in the US, we‘re in Germany.

5. Google's profit maximization vs. our passion for privacy.

There are lots of reasons to choose Tutanota. 😎👇

@blacklight447 We're publishing the DKIM update today, and plan to start this right after.

@Tutanota glad to hear tutanota is working hard to improve their security :)

@Tutanota Except space.. I need more space than your current offerings.

@Tutanota Sure, but Google offers a lot of free space while you don’t, and this can be a dealbreaker for privacy-uneducated users (aka most of them).

@peste @Tutanota It is highly unlikely that anyone who is 'uneducated' about privacy will ever look beyond Gmail. If someone comes across Tutanota, the chances are that he/she is looking to improve their privacy and security. Hence, more space may not matter much in the short-term.

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