@Tutanota I am in Russia, mail.tutanota.com works fine, but tutanota.com seems to be blocked. I'll try OONI Probe.

@weter @Tutanota mail.tutanota.com works for me. It can be depended on IPS. I have "Rostelecom".

@Tutanota they started blocking proton mail so I figured it was only a matter of time

@anivia @Tutanota
I've been using VPN for years, so actually I haven't even noticed the block until this post.
What I'm talking about is that the very fact of this unlawful blocking (neither ProtonMail nor Tutanota are in official blacklist) is blatantly outrageous.

@anivia @Tutanota They want too many stupid things, it's a shame just to talk about it.

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