Working from home - here's what we use:

Email - @Tutanota
Chat - @signalapp
Office - @libreoffice

Browser - Firefox
Browser Plugins - Privacy Badger
Password Manager - KeePass

@Tutanota @libreoffice
Email - Tutanota

Search Engine: Duck Duck Go

O.S. - Septor 2020.2 (kernel 5.4)

Desktop: Plasma 5.14.5

Internet: Tor Browser, Thunderbird, Ricochet IM, HexChat, QuiteRSS, OnionShare

Utilities: Gufw, Konsole, Ark, Image Writer, Bootiso, Sweeper, KGpg, Kleopatra, MAT, KWallet, VeraCrypt

Graphics & Multimedia: GIMP, Gwenview. VLC, K3b, Guvcview

Office: LibreOffice, Kontact, КOrganizer, Okular, Kwrite, Kate, Eqonomize

Software Management: Synaptic, GDebi
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