It's a mystery why some people still believe they've got nothing to hide. The good news is that Tutanota makes it very easy to hide your private emails from prying eyes. Check it out: 😀💪

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When people say they have nothing
to hide, I reply:

* Post your passwords here.
* Write down everybody you hate.
* Tell me who you voted for.
* List all videos you ever watched.

@Tutanota Most people say then to me, that it is ok for the companys to know, but not me. Because they say they never met the people of the company.


It is simple.
Tell them:
"It's not you that decide if you have anything to hide or not. Others will decide if you have something to hide".

Our own History is the evidence for how that works.

Privacy is right, which means it's up to the right owner( the user ) to decide whether or not to share their data with anyone other than themselves.
"If you want to give it,I'll be able to have it", that's not a right. A pig may be able to live for some time but that doesn't mean it has the living right because if the humans want the pig to die,it'll have to die. "If you don't want to give it,I'll still be able to have it",that's called a right.

@Tutanota To be honest, i dont like Tutanota because u cant scroll with Arrow keys, not much customizeable, cant sign up with tor for new account...

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