Lots of apps are tracking your location, your browsing habits and more. Check with @exodus if your apps contain trackers!

@Tutanota do you think OS like Android or iOS don't track us? Please propose a native app for Linux on mobile.

@Tutanota @exodus Watching my query log sometimes it's interesting. For example, today I noticed that even when she isn't actively using the app, Pinterest on my wife's phone tries to connect to trk(dot)pinterest(dot)com every 10 seconds. It's wild to watch a Windows PC or something on my network that lights up the query log like a Christmas tree.

@gerowen @Tutanota @exodus if you think that's bad connect a Xiaomi phone to your network and watch your Pi Hole then!

@Tutanota @exodus This is some scary stuff. Hopefully we can get the horse back into the barn.

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