Check out the Tutanota shop: As it has just opened, you'll get a 15% discount. 😍👇

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Yep! I love your awesome items!
Tutanota team, is your free premium contest still out?

Thank you for that catch!
Tutanota, maybe you can change that?
A privacy company should never use anything Google...(except for Android)

@Tommy @Tutanota Android can be rid of Google if you have the right equipment. Daniel Micay did it with #grapheneos.

But Android is quickly being overtaken with closed-source products that limit the freedom of it.


That is very correct!

Also, a Alternative to Graphene OS is Ubuntu Touch, a FOSS, Linux based Operating system for mobile.

I like to use Qubes OS (also reccommended by Edward Snowden) for my PC and Graphene OS, Ubuntu Touch for my phone.

@Tutanota when will you be offering bigger sizes please, like a women's 26 and a men's 6 or 7XL?

@Wf6 Availability is a bit difficult right now due to supply bottlenecks. Check different colors, maybe it's already there.

@Tutanota Thanks for the reply, just one more question do you happen to ship to Australia by any chance if you do have those sizes mentioned above?

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