Online tracking is constantly growing. If you want to stay safe, check out these alternatives to Google & Co: 😎

@Tutanota Leaving Google would be a good idea, that one has WAY too much power already.

#OCR : “They Know What You Clicked Last Summer
Percentage of global page loads tracked by the following companies

Google | • 64.4%

facebook | • 28.8%

_ comSCORE | • 12.2%

#Twitter 11.0%

amazon | • 10.5%

Yandex | 8.0%

criteol. | 6.5%

New Relic. | 5.9%

Based on the analysis of more than 144 million page loads
by 850,000 users in more than 20 countries
@StatistaCharts Sources: #Ghostery, #Cliqz | statista!”

#OnlineTracking #Tracking #GAFAM #Yandex #Criteo #NewRelic #ComScore #Tutanota #Infographic #Statista

@Tutanota Great article, though I'd recommend LBRY even with its issues over Vimeo. Also local storage is still a thing if you want to avoid the cloud.

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