We ❤️ open source. We even built our own captcha and app notification service to set you completely free from Google. Check out here why not depending on Google services is so important to secure your emails:

Is your CATPCHA available as a library that other developers could use? I'd love to promote it to for them to use instead of using .

Ecosia currently use ReCaptcha to challenge you if you try and do searches behind some VPN servers. It's very frustrating.

Hey they're a German company as well, give them a talking to would ye, cheers 😉👍

@StephenJudge The client side code is open source. Unfortunately, part of it also runs on the server and we haven't published the server yet, sorry.

I also noticed that uses an almost identical CAPTCHA to the one you designed on their account signup page. Do you know of they're using your code?

@StephenJudge No, we didn't know, but that's great. That's what open source software is there for. :)

@Tutanota Their implementation is slightly different, they include seconds on their clock. So I wonder if they are indeed using your code or they developed theirs independently.

@Tutanota There is however a problem with your CAPTCHA design, it cannot be read by screenreaders and there is not accessibility option. I'm sure you've made great efforts to make your client accessible, but it's for naught if screenreader users can't signup to your service.

Everything very cool but still, after some years I'm still waiting for payments in crypto to get a premium subscription...till then I'm going to use the free account. It's a big big lack for a "privacy oriented" service to not have that payment option.

@nuke Still on the roadmap, sorry that it's not coming faster.

Hi @Bubu does the work made by @Tutanota on push notification could help for #OpenPush?

#GoogleFreeNotifications is a big concern. Thanks to both of you to work on that hard topic!

#OpenPush does indeed use the same technology as the #tutanota push implementation. The hard (and mostly still missing) part of openpush is getting the android IPC APIs correct.

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