We are under another DoS attack and working on mitigating this already. We apologize for this inconvenience.


some graphs on these 2 ddos to show how strong your system is ?

@Christopheherbet @Tutanota A sophisticated DDoS attack is actually hard to stop, even if you have all the highest security features.

If there are 500 000 computers in a botnet, all targeting you, no matter how high are your security systems and installations, you will still be affected in one way or the other.

Recovering from a DDos attack takes a lot of efforts, and can become really expansive.

We must show solidarity, not lameness.

@Tutanota Lol, let me guess… DDoS mitigation protection is an AI… and somehow responded slowly, right?

Quantum computer engineer and scientist here!

No worries, after the storm, there is sunshines!

@Tutanota sorry fir fighting against DoS attacks? :-)

@obolo Not for fighting, but for the downtime. It shouldn't happen - no matter what.

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