Tutanota keeps being attacked - now we must fight for our right to privacy.

To support us, please upgrade your account or donate: 🙏♥️

@Tutanota If there is anything more we can do to help just let us know. I'm sure there would be many skilled individuals happy to donate some of their time and expertise. 💪

@meatstheanswer Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot, particularly now!!

@Tutanota yep. That's the disadvantage of running a centralised service.

Welcome to the Web.

@Tutanota Hang in there!

What are the odds that G***** could be behind it? If I may suggest, please consider blocking the IP range 66.249/16.

That IP has been berating my site for the past two months and it won't stop. It's associated with G*****bot according to MaxMind.

@Tutanota G***** has also attacked the Fediverse by attempting to choke us out of their app store, too.

They bought a smart glasses company only to shut it down the next month.

I'm even considering quitting EBay after my final purchase is delivered because they're all in with these people.

#StrongerTogether we can survive.

@masstransitkrow @Tutanota Google and similar monopolists are a systemic problem, so individuals deciding to boycott them don't make that much of a difference. Google funds a lot of stuff, including things like Firefox and under ordinary conditions most tech conferences. They also have permanent lobbyists at the top level of government.

I think the best we can do is to ensure that there are alternatives, which may not be hegemonic but are good enough for a viable extenance outside of the tech dystopia.

@bob @Tutanota I believe that any attempt to ditch them must have a market dynamic.

In order for that to occur, we need to advertise in the third dimension like (inhales) InfoWars has.

Like it or not, that guy knows how to get the attention of crowds and his acolytes would follow him to the gates of hell.

That level of dedication is necessary for us to survive too. I'm navigating some new new waters financially but once the storm has passed imma put my money where my mouth is.

@masstransitkrow @bob @Tutanota I don't think trying to become a technology cult would be a good idea. There have been many cases where personality cults go badly. The cult-like behvior of Apple fans were part of the reason why I never aspired to owning Apple hardware. People willing to suspend criticism are the raw material out of which monopolies rise.

@Tutanota I have just read this on the TT webpage:

We have already planned to add offline availability to Tutanota. We have now changed the priority of this feature to meet user demands.

Great news!

@Tutanota I had a free account now I have it pro. Congratulations and go ahead.

@obiolsfriendica Thank you so much for your support, you're amazing! 😍

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