There has been an attack on our DNS infrastructure. We're working on restoring availability right now.

Tutanota is up and running again. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this. Emails were queued, no data was lost.

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@Tutanota thank you for keeping things working for all of us :) please keep it up!

@Tutanota Also unavailable to me in Ireland right now, FYI

it starts to be a problem. I do not have access to the agenda all day nor can I see emails that I should have received. We must find a definitive solution.

@Obiols @Tutanota I agree, I need to send some important documents to my lawyer, and Tutanota is still not available for me...

@Tutanota Unfortunately it does not work here either. Germany / Berli

@Tutanota I’m still offline too. Including using Germany VPN so are you sure the attack’s been averted?

@Tutanota I think it is not solved in Europe. I cannot enter to the email in Spain.

@Tutanota It's getting ridiculous. Seems like, somebody really wants tutanota to fail and shutdown or whatever.

@nodq @Tutanota this is the best endorsement that they're doing something right ... if not, why all the attacks?!

@lps @Tutanota while true. I think tutanota and their users would appreciate it, not going through this shit.

@Tutanota Is a attack on the DNS something else than a DDoS attack?
And then, what is the difference?

@Tutanota and was the status page meant to be accessible during downtime?
Because now it isn't. ........

@Tutanota Hmm, is your IP fairly stable? I could add the genuine IP to my HOSTS file for a while to sidestep the issue?

@Tutanota This is terrible, someone really wants to hurt you

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