We are very sorry about this ongoing outage. We are working on fixing this. While someone wants to stop you from using encrypted emails, we are committed to not let that happen. Thank you very much for your patience and for weathering this storm with us.

Thank you for your hard work - it is appreciated.

@Tutanota Best of luck. You must be doing something right if someone is willing to expend such resources to try and stop you.

@Tutanota Ich drück euch alle Daumen, das ihr es hinbekommt ;D

@Tutanota hi, weisst ihr wann man das Problem bitte loessen wird? Hoffe bald. Es ist echt schlecht, weil ich meine Emails nicht benutzen und bearbeiten kann. Aber ich bin sicher, dass Tutanota sehr gute Leistung macht. Nur so weiter 😉 👍

@Tutanota Thanks for your service. Hopefully most folks are understanding.

And thank you for posting updates here on fediverse.

@Tutanota You're a great email service! Hands down the best we've used. The constant DDos attacks sometimes put a hamper on our business operations. But being very very small, its not life threatening. We wish you all the best!

@tutanota #tutanota #privacy
There is a temporary workaround for the DNS outage, by editing the hosts file on Linux (/etc/hosts) and/or Windows (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts).
Please keep in mind that this should be intended for temporary use only, as future DNS changes may or may not occur.
May want to add the following lines:

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