Yesterday's outage was caused by attacks on our DNS providers. These attacks against have been completely out of our control, but we've managed to switch to a new provider. We thank everyone for your patience and continuous support!

@Tutanota The main thing is that it is repaired without damage for everyone, thanks for the info.

Running a tor hidden service would help both in these kind of attacks and for more user privacy. Think about it please.

...and enabling crypto payments would bring more funds to maintain your service, the first 12€ would come from me, but I've already asked this more than once in past.

@Tutanota Cashed = cached. Someone really has it in for you don't they! Good job getting things back up and running swiftly.

@Tutanota You're doing very well compared to those of us that speak natively!

That's why we need offline mobile and desktops apps ASAP 😉

@Tutanota Is there any indication of who the malicious party involved is?

Thank you for keeping the service running despite all the recent attacks. I haven't experienced much interruption. Offline mode would be excellent though!

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