Do you search Google? Or does Google search you? To keep your emails private, switch from Gmail to Tutanota now. πŸ˜€πŸ’ͺ Here we explain why Tutanota is a great Gmail alternative:

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Yep. I'll completely switch to Tutanota as soon as Android app well be with offline mode.

The fact there's no imap support makes impossible so I will stick with gmail until you add imap support. Protonmail allready do, so why can imap be a feature that you enable?

But protonmail has imap support and lack of imap is why I haven't switch from gmail. What's more secure, @Tutanota and imap or gmail? Using tutanota with imap is better than gmail.

Where can I suggest adding features on the Tutanota Android App?


@zidanpragata Let us know here, we're always curious to hear feedback! :)

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