Silicon Valley has a monopoly on the web. But everyone of us can make a difference by choosing privacy-friendly alternatives. Here are some ideas:
✅ Tutanota email & calendar
✅ Firefox browser
✅ DuckDuckGo search
✅ OpenStreetMap
✅ Mastodon
What are your favorites on the web?

@Tutanota I don't like Firefox because of what Mozilla has done to them (, so I'm using Iridium Browser (it only requires disabling Google SafeBrowsing before connecting to the network for zero spyware:, DuckDuckGo is probably fine, but I use Random Searx (, and Pleroma ( can be a good replacement for Mastodon, it depends

@BlackWinnerYoshi @Tutanota What load of crap on this link you posted. Really. It's the biggest, most bad designed, bad written, big chunk of bs I have encountered in 2 decades.

@PRosso @Tutanota what do you mean? This toot or something else? And how could I improve it?

@PRosso actually, no, it's from someone else. I think it is a good source to cite when saying that Mozilla is bad.

@BlackWinnerYoshi Well, I profoundly disagree with it. Sure, Mozilla is not without contradictions, but that link is just a load of BS. That guy have a lot of petty peeves.

@PRosso actually, this helped me escape from freetardism. Without it, I would probably be too obsessed with libre software. And I don't think that the person who wrote this is a freetard themselves...

@BlackWinnerYoshi the person who wrote don't even understand what is Free Software, and make the worst arguments they can think of. It's lowly, just to offend, and they are mostly wrong.

@BlackWinnerYoshi @Tutanota Iridium is on Chrome engine, so you still support Google. Not sure if it's better idea than using Firefox.

@kujaw @Tutanota well, the best independent browser I know is Pale Moon, but it requires quite a lot of configuration (, note: don't disable updates, make Pale Moon auto-update and warn if this will disable add-ons instead) — other (semi-)independent browsers only have basic ad-blockers and no extensions. Even Pale Moon isn't perfect (

Pale Moon is a total joke. It used old, unmaintained code, allow not signed extensions, doesn't provide any sandboxing/ isolation, is always behind upstream.
Did you realy want use such a browser? Wow
@kujaw @Tutanota

@BlackWinnerYoshi @Tutanota Stopped reading at "Freedom is Slavery". What unbearable nonsense.

@Tutanota How about trade-free alternatives? Those that ask nothing in return. Money, currency, data, attention, etc..

- Gnome Web, Min Browser, Falkon - for browsers, or our tweaked Firefox available with
- SearX, not DuckDuckGo. DDG manipulates searches for profit reasons (you trade your attention to them - watch their ads). SearX is the best alternative. - choose your instance - one click add it as your default search engine. Not to mention Yacy
- As for social Networks look into the Fediverse For example I am replying to you via friendica, a powerful facebook trade-free alternative.

We made a catalogue of trade-free software here…

Maybe if you add support so that people can integrate tuta into there tech systems, more people will switch

@Tutanota Gigablast and Pale Moon are more deserving alternatives given recent headlines.

@Tutanota Mines are:
* Tuta as email provider, even though I consider switching to Posteo due to imap/smtp support.
* Fediverse in general, be it Pleroma, PeerTube or any other platform. They're all awesomely made!
* SearX which surely does deserve attention. It's FOSS and provides me with almost best search results out there.
* LibreWolf = debloated Firefox
* Sourcehut. It's a minimalist yet feature rich GitHub alternative and I love it a lot.

@Utgardloki @Tutanota as far as I know, it is. At least there are updates coming in

@Tutanota Brave browser with startpage search 🤷🏻‍♂️✅

@Utgardloki @Tutanota much more trusted than google and whatever these chromium browsers are doing

Lol no. Mozilla make enough strange things already and it exist a reason why they lost mostly all users. Only fanboys and guys without the knowledge still stay.

You should read my link

@Tutanota Please don't recommend Firefox. Despite the constant stream of reminders from Mozilla, the browser is NOT privacy by default.

They are supported by Google, which means Google is the default search engine.
Telemetry is collected in Fenix by FOUR tracking companies (enabled by default).
Security is a joke.
The Firefox browser has, in the past, installed various timed telemetry tasks to Windows machines, without asking for consent.

@Tutanota Furthermore, the tracking protection is disabled by default.
The Mozilla web services use Google Analytics, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Optimizely.

@Tutanota The analytics providers used to be AdMob, Adjust, Firebase, and Leanplum.

All closed-source solutions.

Now they've removed AdMob, yay?

@Tutanota I'm also averse to the incessant reminders that Mozilla *really cares about LGBT!!!*

They are known to put this propaganda onto their new tab page. I personally find it disgusting. I have nothing against the LGBT, but I can understand how bullshit like this can really put people off LGBT.

@Tutanota this post sure has attracted some weird replies

@Tutanota My browser is ofcourse Vivaldi, privacy-friendly and the most customizable browser available. Search Engine is Qwant because it is based in Europe and they are creating their own indexing servers

@vincentvd @Tutanota Why do you trust a proprietary browser? How can proprietary software be privacy-friendly?

@superexponential @Tutanota Most of their code is opensource, only not their UI code. I trust that they are honest in their privacy policy and their CEO has years of experience in the browser market.

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