Tutanota is the best choice for hosting your custom domain emails online! πŸ˜€πŸ‘‡

βœ… encrypted by default
βœ… affordable price (1€/month)
βœ… multiple domains possible
βœ… easily add alias addresses
βœ… multi-user support
βœ… GDPR-compliant

You'll find more details here:

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@Tutanota are there some instructions available on how to setup the MX records?

@lioh Tutanota will guide you through the process. The FAQ also has some helpful information.

@Goldmaster @Tutanota If you need IMAP support in order to use an email client, be informed that Tutanota does have its own email client which you can use.

But can you move emails to and from with it? I had a look but couldn't find an import option. Besides isnt it a bit proprietary with locking emails in with a lesser known email provider which has no imap support to support moving emails between 1 system and another. You could have the most private secure email provider but if it doesn't work with your current setup. Then it's pointless until imap support is added.

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