We've been interviewed by Privacy Internet Access on why encryption matters. 💪😎 Check out the interview with Hanna from the Tutanota Team:

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@Tutanota For privacy enthusiasts like me who don't want to click on a shortened youtube link, which you can't paste into 🕶️

There you go:

(would prefer content via or peertube, but a privacy talk on google's ecosystem only 🚫 by other privacy enthusiasts? really?)

@citizenK4te @Tutanota I think the target audience is probably not entirely privacy enthusiasts (plus ad bux does help), but a wider audience to reel them in. You can do more damage from the inside rather than beyond the walls after all

@mmn @Tutanota
maybe not entirely privacy enthusiasts but a lot. The problem with ad blocker is, you still forward your IP (and other stuff) to Google. If you use + a trustable proxy no IP address is forwarded to Google and also no other meta-data. So Google has no idea who is watching the content.

I guess if Tutanota wants to publish more of this content a Peertube instance would make so much more sense for spreading the privacy mindset they're advertising.

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