@Tutanota We remember , Google lost its way a long time ago, but luckily we have yourselves, OpenStreetMap, Tor, and others not being evil in their place πŸ˜€

@Tutanota May I know the reason why you do not recommend DuckDuckGo for searching but only to watch Youtube videos?

@heavenly_general @Tutanota but we're left in the cold. Which search engine shall we use then?

@paoloredaelli @Tutanota Personally, I only have very limited experiences with search engines. Previously I used Google Search. Now, I only use DuckDuckGo.

@heavenly_general @Tutanota the same holds for me. I ran a #yacy node some times ago and being truly earnest I couldn't have recommended it. I hope it has improved

@paoloredaelli @Tutanota I have just searched for information about Yacy.

This federated system is so beautiful. I love the concept.

I am going to further explore this system. Thanks for the reference.

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