It is time for a different social media. One that respects our right to privacy. Finally, governments around the world are taking action!

You can help by choosing secure and privacy-friendly services. Here are our recommendations: 💪😀

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@Tutanota interesting how you advocate a different social media yet maintain a marginal presence on the .
Your blog also advocates , but why don't you provide a hidden service?

@vesperto A hidden service is already on our roadmap, but first we want to add lots of client improvements. Stay tuned!

I want to try this but how do I transfer everything from my Gmail and yahoo, without having to do it individually? That's the main thing putting me off trying Tutanota 🤔

@anniemo71 Just start using it as your second account and transfer step by step. No need to do it all in one go. ;)

support is the way to go as I can move to tutanota and job done.

@anniemo71 @Tutanota This is what I did from Gmail - once you start signing up new things with your tutanota account you'll slowly start using it more than your Gmail account. It's a long process though unless you start switching email addresses in all your services accounts. I've been using both for about a year now, but whereas it was 90% gmail, 10% tutanota, it's now 80% tutanota, 20% gmail.

@Acaii @anniemo71 @Tutanota The best solution I found (I read some time ago) is using an own domain. Once I did the transition, I have migrated from different mail providers without any problem in that sense.

@Acaii @Tutanota
Thanks for the feedback folks.
I did try to sign up a few hours ago for the free version, just to try it. Sadly, when I got to the tick boxes. One stating that I don't have another free account. The page just freezes.(on my android)
Tried 6 times so then gave up. I will try to remember to give it another go tomorrow though.

@Acaii @Tutanota
Success signing up today after getting a message from Tutanota advising me to use Chrome or Firefox browser.

@anniemo71 @Tutanota welcome to the land of less Google advertising. It's a bit calmer. 😉

@Tutanota why are you advertising Vimeo instead of PeerTube or LBRY?

@Tutanota some pretty basic recommendations imo.. Tresorit is proprietary - people would be better off using Seafile (hosted in Germany on Mars, Luckycloud, YourSecureCloud) or Nextcloud (on TheGoodCloud (NL), or (Germany))
OsmAnd is like the suckiest version of OSM - Maps.Me is way better for android - and their premium version is fairly priced at $6 a year.

@Tutanota Also wondering what your thoughts on Qwant are?

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