This should be about increasing your privacy online! Here are some recommendations to quickly increase your privacy and leave Google: ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿฅณ

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@Tutanota Password Manager - Firefox Lockwise
Web Search - DuckDuckGo
Laptop / Desktop OS - Linux or *BSD
Phone OS - /e/ or LineageOS
Physical Activity - OpenTracks
Public Transit - Transportr
GPS Navigation - Magic Earth


Made some adjustments to your list:

Password Manager - password-store, KeePassXC

Web Search - Searx, YaCy, use Tor

Laptop / Desktop OS - OpenBSD, Void/Alpine/Heads Linux

Phone OS - GrapheneOS

Physical Activity - OpenTrcks

Public Transit - Transportr

GPS Navigation - Magic Earth


@webb GrapheneOS is only for Google Pixel phones.
As for Linux I always pick Testing :blobcatcoffee:

And for the list:
Coud Storage - Sync
Git Repository -
Social Network - Mastodon ๐Ÿ˜€

@black_sun any other operating system should be considered insecure. Good projects, but bad security.

@black_sun I chose the distros I did because I consider them far more secure as opposed to most other distros. Itโ€™s also why I put OpenBSD first.

@black_sun how do you find Magic Earth? Not heard of it before but it looks interesting

@will88 It's quite good, worth giving it a try (I've switched from Sygic). I hope the searching will improve, otherwise it's fine with me.

@black_sun OK great, thank you โ˜บ๏ธ will sure give it a try!

@Tutanota why not "matrix" instead of signal? Many experts believe Signal is not secure.

As far as I know the only security issue on signal is the your Number.
Matrix on the other hand can leave a lot of metadata to providers.
To me it looks like booth have theirs Problems.
Also you could ask why they didn't mention XMPP.

Or did you mean something else?

@Tutanota I like the list, but I need an online office suite, or at least spreadsheet and word processor, there anything out there aside from gDocs? Zoho has some, but it's overkill and therefore hard to use

If you use nextcloud you can easily use CollaboraOffice (Basically LibreOffice online). Maybe even possible without Nextcloud.
Also there is OnlyOffice (Works better with MS-Office, don't like LO-Documents).

gDocs gives google a look in everything you are writing and how you are doing it. Especially if Info's about others are included ore you want them to participate, I believe using google is never responsible.

@josterburg @Tutanota Problem there is that it's not so much my writing as others. I proofread MLP fan fiction primarily, and gDocs is used because it's simple but has enough featured, and is easily shared.

In this case Etherpads vor CryptPads could be a solution.

@josterburg Thanks, I'll give them a look, hopefully I'll be able to get people to migrate.

@coolboymew +1 Even behind the scenes, things didn't look good with the Mozilla team last year. Who knows what direction they're heading in now.

Also, is the Android version of Waterfox gone? With Firefox mobile's redesign, it seems like every mobile browser kinda sucks now, not that the scene ever looked particularly amazing to start with.

@Tutanota @denza252

@coolboymew @Tutanota to be fair, that particular post is one of the least upsetting things they have posted on their blog. This is just perfectly reasonable anti-facebook lobbying with a headline catering to the sentiment of the angry normies of the moment. If this were the usual level of Mozilla wokeness, I wouldn't be as worried about the shop like I am.
@coolboymew @Tutanota The Mozilla blog is mostly a PR operation for fundraising and you sort of have to look out for diplomatic language to suss out what goals Mozilla tries to push on it. This article, in particular the headline and the first three paragraphs are a pretty nice example of how much they have to contort themselves in order to score some centrist checks.
@coolboymew @Tutanota The tandem of Mozilla Foundation / Mozilla Corporation (and, since very recently, MZLA Technologies Corporation) has been straddling the fence and trying to go a third way since its inception. It will never not be doing that and it will never be "alt-tech".

@coolboymew @Tutanota What Iโ€™m trying to make clear to you is that Mozilla is not the absolute anything of anyone.

The most damage they can do (and presently are doing, regrettably) is letting the quality of their software slide.

@Tutanota I can'T understand why people recommend signal, it's just as bad.

Messenger Matrix
PasswordManager Bitwarden

@Tutanota Might want to remove Firefox. Have you seen the CEO's recent blog post?

@Jesse946 @Tutanota
Safari for iOS,
Bromite for normal Android's - Vanadium for GrapheneOS,
Chromium-Edge for Windows


Email - Tutanota

Chat - (in limbo; no one I know uses encryption for anything...)

Office - Open Office

Browser - Firefox (currently seeking options since Mozilla is extremely shady)

Password Manager - both Bitwarden and Keepass.

It is arguable to say that in my circles I'm more or less seen as the "paranoid" one.

@nitrokey @Tutanota I really like about Nitrokeys that they're completely open-source unlike YubiKey for example ๐Ÿ‘

Email - Moving to Tutanota
Chat - Moving to signal
Office - Transitioning away from MS office
Browser - Primary: firefox secondary: Brave
Password Manager - Bitwarden
Search - Google :(, DDG, startpage
Platform - moving towards self hosting everything and doing everything from a browser

Eaxctly my list except the last point as I use Firefox Lockwise

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