@Tutanota While Signal sucks,I really like to see a great privacy-respecting email provider growing πŸ‘ Maybe I should move to you,too πŸ€” I'd really like to but changing my address everywhere I ever signed up is a pain.

@nipos Just get an account and start using it in parallel. There's no need to do all at at once. ;)

You can forward email from your current provider while you transition right?

You can also set up an "out of office" auto reply for any humans that contact you with a message that your are transitioning to a new provider and ask them to update your contact info

@lps Who uses email to talk with humans? 😲 I only talk with spambots! 🀣

@lps That's a possibility,too.But it would also be a new chance to give my Tutanota address only to people and services I really trust and see if I can reduce the amount of spam in my inbox.

@Spaceface16518 @Tutanota It's centralized,hosted at Amazon in the United States,is made by a former Whatsapp founder,the boss hates decentralization and it bans third-party clients to name only a few of its issues.

@nipos @Tutanota For a very long time I used Gmail till I got tired of Google's illegal shenanigans (i.e. reading your emails, to be very generous) then I switched over to Protonmail for about a year and now I'm with Tutanota. I switched to Tutanota because there are some things about Protonmail that came to light that are very shady to me. I shan't identify what because it's best for each individual person to vet for them selves what is what.

@nipos @Tutanota More to the point since feel like the above is rant-ish... I've never transferred existing emails from past email accounts to new email accounts.

@Jesse946 @Tutanota No,it wasn't a rant.I really like Tutanota.The problem is that I've signed up at thousands of websites over the years and making the old address invalid will cause much trouble for me but as Tutanota already pointed out,I could start using both in parallel.That should be a good first step.

@nipos @Tutanota That's what I do in a nutshell; I slowly change my email on websites to what's current or don't even bother.

What really stops me from switching half the time is that Google has trackers on most websites so, in a way, no matter where you go, you got them tracing you which should be illegal yet isn't. The system that's been built is one of coercion among countless less significant variables. One thing to observe; EULA's, TOS's and Terms and Conditions... You MUST accept to USE.

@Jesse946 @Tutanota For the Google problem,just block everything from them everywhere.That's what I'm doing.Websites which don't work without it aren't worth the traffic needed when opening them.Most websites work luckily.

@nipos @Tutanota Many low range to mid-range android devices tell you to accept Google's Terms to "continue" your use of the device you purchased. There is no "No" or "Decline" button to look at, only to "Accept" their terms and if you don't/won't then you cannot use what you bought. Ain't that something! 🧐 πŸ˜‚

@Jesse946 @Tutanota Don't connect the internet while clicking through the setup wizard,enable developer mode,enable ADB,remove Google shit using ADB Shell,then you're ready to connect to the internet and nothing you agreed to works anymore.

@nipos @Tutanota Interesting. I just don't really wanna go through the hassle of that. Currently, somewhat ironically, my phone runs LineageOS without gapps, so its without Google. :D

No Play store to speak of!

Nice to see!
Any update on total users, though? I suspect Wikipedia's source for 2 million is a bit outdated.

@Tutanota well good news!!
But the image says nothing 🧐
Whats the time step of this snapshot?
Whats the value of the Y-axis?

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