Happy ! Let's celebrate with these privacy-friendly options:

Chat: @signal @threemaapp
Office: @libreoffice Email: @Tutanota

Stay secure, use

Here is more for inspiration:

@Tutanota a
Why do you use signal?
Since they are in the US I wouldn't use it myself.
And sadly most people don't want to pay for a service like threema... :(
I have no idea what's the best option to tell my friends...
Threema, Wire, Briar, Jami, Matrix, XMPP .....

I made a poll, but there aren't much people that have reacted yet..

@basvanhaastregt @Tutanota

Whats wrong with US Signal? Try some Chinese app then like weechat they totally don't steal your data or read any of your message, sarcasm aside... 😉

Look some of my recent toot if you have some doubt ask me, we can come together with a solution that you need.

@Tutanota @threemaapp @libreoffice
Lemme be a dickhead.

Wire sucks as they store youre metadata in plain text..

Tutanota cannot be advertised as secure until they reimplement dnssec and dane. Im all too serious about this..Until tutanota does protonmail is a much better option...

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