Clearview's photo database has been declared illegal in the EU & Canada. Yet, the real scandal about Clearview still stands: Individuals must opt out of data abuse - even though they never gave consent. Here we explain how to opt out: πŸ’ͺ😎

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Any disposable email alias thing in the pipeline? I wouldn't want to give my person (Tutanota πŸ˜‰) email address to a company like this πŸ˜…

@inf0sec Yes, something like this is planned. You can use your own domain with catch-all. Then you can use an unlimited number of receiving addresses.

Call me cynical but it's worrying that in the EU and UK you have to supply a picture for a subject access request.

Its a balance of risk ... The probably don't have a picture of me yet if I give them one, then they will have it. So then I become one of those "you have something to hide", will end up in another database and it becomes an endless game ...

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