It's May already, time to check how many have achieved this to ! If you haven't already, check out these privacy-friendly alternatives. 😀🥳

Browser - Qutebrowser ;-)
Password Manager - Bitwarden

@Tutanota I just moved almost all of my online accounts to Tutanota yesterday. The rest will be deleted or abandoned

@Tutanota I'm in a bit of disagreement with Signal.

Signal will let you download the app through their website but first lead you to an app store, and if you download the APK they give you a sense of danger while you do it.

A true privacy-minded platform should not put fear in you simply because you aren't using an "app store".

@Tutanota Password Manager: KeePassXC and KeePassDX
Messenger: Session (Signal fork)
OS: Qubes OS and GrapheneOS

@Tutanota Protonmail, Firefox, Keepass, Libreoffice. I still have 2 google accounts but they are mostly abandoned. I should get around to fully removing them though.

@Tutanota BINGO! I got a few others on my bingo card including Nextcloud and OnlyOffice selfhosted.

@Tutanota online password manager still a taboo for me. Old school pen and paper.

@Tutanota I was kind of surprised to see Chromium (not Firefox) being featured in the screenshots on Tutanota's website, though. It's not a big deal but it does send 'mixed' messages to anyone who notices. 🤔

@Tutanota Done! Except of Signal. Messenger: XMPP, Threema

Why lower the bar to signal though.

Sure, xmpp, threema (ahah threema?), matrix, element (

Also, Firefox or brave. But ig just because brave is based off of chromium it was not included.

@Tutanota browser Palemoon, looking for alternative since last update, chat Telegram and few others because of active groups

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