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@Tutanota I should need to learn German first to complete this.

@blkpws Or you just send the pdf that you can download from the toot's link. ;)

@Tutanota but it's all German, I don't understand what it is saying...

@Tutanota Isn't nice to see how you reply with "just send it" when I can't read anything about what's this about. Seems like you don't even care if there is no-german people. I should keep an eye to any other email provider as Tutanota never replies my toots decently. If I even had a issue I would need to use a social network like reddit... how respectful with privacy is that? I only use Tutanota because you are on f-droid and I don't have any app installed from google on my phone.

@blkpws Apologies for this, but it is a too complex issue to translate it to English. Usually our toots are in English so hopefully, we'll not run into similar issues again. :)

@blkpws And our content as well, of course! Normally, all is in English, but this was an urgent matter, and it addressed German politicians who expect to receive the pdf in German.

@Tutanota Thanks to explain, I didn't understood what was this about... I wanted to understand but I couldn't... so now I understand.


I have to sign NDAs for work. Typically I am NOT given guidelines from my employers re. degree of security I need to maintain to protect their intellectual property. Removal of the right to encrypt is placing my position of trust in serious jeopardy and the people who remove it in the line of fire for liability - if they do this and there is a breach of IP - they will be held fully responsible for all financial loss, actual or perceived. Period.

@kel At the moment it is a strategy paper draft - not law or anything like it. We are fighting together with civil society to keep encryption strong!


how they can even consider it is utterly mind-bending!

It' is 100% untenable for anyone serious about complying with GDPR not to use encryption.

If they remove the right to encrypt, they may as well throw the whole of the GDPR legislation out too.

These people should not be in power, they are seriously challenged in so many ways and should probably be in full time care.

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