When fighting for privacy online, the successes are rare. Here is one: Google delays FLoC rollout until 2023 because of strong headwind from privacy advocates: 😀😎 To fully check out our recommendations:

✅ Email & calendar: Tutanota

✅ Search: Searx, Ecosia, DuckDuckGo

✅ Browser: Firefox, Tor

✅ Translate: DeepL

✅ Drive: Tresorit

✅ Maps: OpenStreetMap

✅ Appstore: F-Droid

✅ Social: Mastodon

@Tutanota some don't recommend DeepL as the free version does collect some data

@Mixtape We're using the paid version & it's great. :) The 'everything for free' demand has gotten us to the point where we are today with the 'free' global players.

@Tutanota ima be so free and mingle a bit with the Windows 11 Insider Preview :) I would go out and pay for ur service among others but thanks to my grandma I can't....

@Tutanota Ecosia und DuckDuckGo sind KEINE datenschutzfreundlichen Suchmaschinenlösungen.

Ecosia lange an FB übertragen (macht es ggf. noch).
DuckDuckGo hat eine Partnerschaft mit Yahoo...
und auch andere kleine Problemchen.

@Tutanota und Ecosia is served by Cloudflare. Bitte Leute, Finger weg davon.

Jupp, ausserdem fordert die Suchmaschine seit ner Weile, man solle doch seinen Addblocker abschalten weil sie gerne die Werbe-Results präsentieren wollen... ah. Ich hab mal vor langer Zeit gedacht, ecosia wäre cool, bis ich (glaube bei Kuketz..?) las, dass die ihre "green" searchengine über Werbung finanzieren... joa. Garnicht nice.


@onlytina @Tutanota Das findet man bei denen sogar als nicht-Tekkie über einen Blick in die Datenschutzerklärung heraus. Da wird einem schlecht.

@onlytina @Tutanota bevor das noch jemand umsetzt bzw. nutzt. Wollt ihr das nicht besser korrigiert neuschalten?

✅ Email & calendar: Tutanota, Protonmail, and more open source email services created on Tor and used exclusively on Tor.

✅ Search: Searx, DuckDuckGo.

✅ Browser: hardened Firefox, Tor, Un-Googled Chromium of all sorts, Bromite for example.

✅ Translate: DeepL. (I don't know)

✅ Drive: Nextcloud.

✅ Maps: OpenStreetMap.

✅ Appstore: F-Droid.

✅ Social: Pleroma.

@Tutanota TIL: DeepL ... it's just a shame it doesn't support the languages (besides English) that I regularly use, Thai and Lao. Translate, Voice, and YouTube are the only real services I still use.

@Tutanota Why do you promote non-FOSS software like DeepL and Tresorit? In proprietary software like those isn't there no way to verify that client data that is meant to be E2E encrypted, is actually being encrypted and respectfully used as advertised?

@chester_tan Thanks for your feedback. Yes, FOSS is definitely to be preferred!

@Tutanota since when did you start promote proprietary software?
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