Gmail is blocking emails with links to Tutanota. Spread the word to help us stop this!

It looks like fixed the issue. Thanks everyone for your support! 😀 🙌

@warpgate9 It only affect Premium users, emails from Free users don't bounce.

@Tutanota one more reason for me to get away from Google where ever possible

@Tutanota And i sort mails coming from there in a special folder, so i don't accidentally answer it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I just shared your link.
Thanks for the tip. Anyway, I don't use gmail.

> #Gmail is blocking #emails with links to #Tutanota.

To combat growing #censorship we must take the #networkWars to our streets.

A few months ago, we produced (#)FediFlyer designs that can be printed and given to people fed up with online algorithms dictating what they can see and share online.

We've found that 75% of people are indeed 'fed up' and accept the flyer. See our pinned post (or use the above fediFlyer hashtag).

Also, get to know your local #HamRadio folk.

@Tutanota @aral how would gmail figure out if a user is using free or premium?

@1ll173r47 Mails are sent from a different server to make sure that Premium users are *not* affected if Free users abuse our service. It seems like it's fixed now, anyway! :) @aral

No, it's not. It still blocks encrypted mail. Unencrypted gets dumped in the spam folder.
@1ll173r47 @aral

@Tutanota i tried sending myself a mail with the link to from my tutanota mailbox to my old gmail account, and i received it...
So nope, google didn't block it

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