Gmail is blocking emails with links to Tutanota. Spread the word to help us stop this!

It looks like fixed the issue. Thanks everyone for your support! 😀 🙌

@warpgate9 It only affect Premium users, emails from Free users don't bounce.

@Tutanota one more reason for me to get away from Google where ever possible

@Tutanota And i sort mails coming from there in a special folder, so i don't accidentally answer it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Tutanota wait a minute that just proves tutanota devs use gmail 🤔

@jaimie @Tutanota at least their testing the service with Gmail accounts - or a user reported it.

@hbenjamin @Tutanota ahh, i'm not barely concerned about them doing so! Hell, I'd appreciate it if them using gmail would provide tutanota a whole lot of inspiration :D

@Tutanota ...and with the email of yandex, G puts thems like spam, even when I send myself a tester email from me to me from yandex mail to Gmail mine
@lars @Tutanota but gmail and yandex have the function of send email after... so I can write now and program the send for tomorrow or the day of i want in the future... so the email is saved in the servers waiting for the day for send it

Ob Client Side there are many Programs with this option. And Emailserver like Mailcow can do this.

I just shared your link.
Thanks for the tip. Anyway, I don't use gmail.

> #Gmail is blocking #emails with links to #Tutanota.

To combat growing #censorship we must take the #networkWars to our streets.

A few months ago, we produced (#)FediFlyer designs that can be printed and given to people fed up with online algorithms dictating what they can see and share online.

We've found that 75% of people are indeed 'fed up' and accept the flyer. See our pinned post (or use the above fediFlyer hashtag).

Also, get to know your local #HamRadio folk.

@Tutanota @aral how would gmail figure out if a user is using free or premium?

@1ll173r47 Mails are sent from a different server to make sure that Premium users are *not* affected if Free users abuse our service. It seems like it's fixed now, anyway! :) @aral

No, it's not. It still blocks encrypted mail. Unencrypted gets dumped in the spam folder.
@1ll173r47 @aral

@Tutanota i tried sending myself a mail with the link to from my tutanota mailbox to my old gmail account, and i received it...
So nope, google didn't block it


Also having problems on protonmail sometimes... Still waiting for support responses. So you are not alone 🤗​

@Tutanota da seid ihr nicht die einzigen, ich habe vor ein paar Monaten schon herausgefunden, dass ungewünschte Konkurrenz geblockt wird. Ich habe sogar ein Beispiel in Mastodon gepackt mit Bild: (war allerdings ein privater Toot).
Vlt. will das mal jemand überprüfen.

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