Tutanota offers true end-to-end encryption and not encryption that will "allow companies to read and analyze data while keeping it encrypted to protect information from cybersecurity dangers and to maintain privacy." Just say 'No!' to Big Tech!

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@Mixtape @Tutanota I wonder what mean "Virus protection", does it mean they scan the message or links?

@Tutanota ✅ Does it end to end encrypt my emails in transit to my bank that does not use Tutanota?
@Tobia Alberti i would suggest @Tutanota ✅ marketing team to not advertise their service as true end to end encryption because its just simply false and misleading. Specially in this case. People could get seriously hurt thinking.their communication is safe while its only email at rest that is safe and internal tuta communication.

You guys are ethical provider. Please be honest and dont mislead your users.

@muppeth @tobiaalberti You can send these emails end-to-end encrypted by using a shared password. There needs be some kind of key exchange for end-to-end encryption to work.

@Tutanota That only applies if both the sender and recipient are Tutanota users.

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