With the next release, we plan to improve the calendar UI. Any feedback would be highly appreciated! πŸ˜€

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@Tutanota i'll be glad to have a calendar event reminder in my email inbox, or a visual notifier in homepage, to not miss a event if i don't check the calendar tab.

@galeot Thanks, we'll see how. We can't have email reminders as these would pass our servers, letting us know details about your events. Right now you enjoy a zero-knowledge calendar - we know absolutely nothing about your encrypted events! :)

@Ebenezer You can do that by clicking on the calendar (colored square) to the left.

Hi !
Nextcloud calendar integration could be a good thing!

@Tutanota Great to hear. Some thoughts: A week display next to a month display. As said before, a better day marker so you see the current day. Drag the calender to select an event length. A default reminder for a new event (e.g. 10 minutes). An at event reminder (so 0 minutes before). For the rest, the UI seems fine to me. Especially on mobile.

@Tutanota just starting to use your service. Am excited about it. Some things I see:
(1) Nextcloud/ other service integration would be nice, as mentioned by others,
(2) a week view is crucial,
(3) and some form of tasks would be excellent.

For work currently, I have to use Google, and their task integration with calendar is excellent (as much as I dislike using them). It's simple. Side pane that opens with task list next to calendar. Ability to turn mail into task and set a due date that puts it as a task (not event) on the calendar. Ability to see tasks on the calendar in week view and move them around to change the due date. It's great. I just wish it wasn't Google!

@keelancook Thanks for your feedback, that's good to know! :) Tasks are also planned, but first we want to complete email & calendar features.

@Tutanota the option to delete a single entry of a series.
Crucial for me: week view!


1. In the desktop version, that you can quickly move between calendar years (on Android it does work fine).

Problem I had:

I have a digital debit card that I took out in 2020 in the bank app and it expires until 2030, in Tutanota desktop for Windows I wanted to put the date until 2030 and I had to press 120 times the next month to get there, it was quite stressful.

2. That the calendar notifications be the "At the moment" option, because the most accurate notification is "5 minutes before".

That's all, thank you πŸ˜ƒ

@Tutanota for your calendar, a weekly view on the mobile app would be appreciated ! And, on this same app, more than one event per day could appear on the monthly view

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